Damn 激安超安値 Near 【あす楽対応】 Kilt 'Em ユーティリティキルト メンズ ハイランダー

Damn Near Kilt 'Em メンズ ハイランダー ユーティリティキルト

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Damn Near Kilt 'Em メンズ ハイランダー ユーティリティキルト


当社の手作りキルトは長持ちし、どんな男らしい仕事にも耐えられます。 スタイルと機能性を追加した伝統的スタイル。 Highlander モデルは、ボタン配置にカスタムボタンがあり、ストラップやフック、多機能ポケットも取り外し可能です。

サイズガイド: すべてのサイズは長さ24インチです。 ウエストサイズをお選びいただくには、推奨する採寸方法に関する代替製品画像をご覧になり、次のサイズガイドを参照してください。XS ~ 31~32インチのウエスト測定、S~ 33~34インチのウエスト測定、S~ 35~36インチのウエスト測定、M~ 37~38インチのウエスト測定、M~ L ~ 39~40インチのウエスト測定、L~ 41~42インチ。 ウエスト寸法、L。 XL ~ 43~44インチのウエスト。XL~ 43~46インチのウエスト寸法。


このモデルには、当社のオリジナルのSport Utility Kiltの調節可能なストラップが付いていません。

Damn Near Kilt 'Em メンズ ハイランダー ユーティリティキルト

Looks lousy. It wrinkles quickly and thoroughly. Spend a good half hour ironing it, and it'll be okay until the first time you sit down, then boom, all the pleats go wonky.Poorly designed. The apron is too narrow. The pleats aren't sewn properly, causing them to jut out or poke in and random angles. The drop on their "standardized size" is about 3 inches too long. If you're 6' 3", they'll fit you. If you're shorter than that (I'm 5'10"), look elsewhere unless you want a dress.The stitching is cheaply done, and after one wash and two days wear, the color has started to bleed and the stitching has unravel in several places.Too expensive to throw away, but will probably end up in the garbage soon enough since it's already falling apart.It's a shame. DNKE makes decent casual kilt belts and day sporrans (I own a couple of each) but their kilts are just terrible.
Qualité incroyable. Je suis tellement contant du rendu !!! Vraiment un bon achat. Un petit peu trop grand par contre mais vraiment aucun regret ! ❤️❤️❤️
This is my fist kilt and I love it. Damn Near Kilt'em kilts are great, the cotton is super comfortable and there is enough wraparound that I don't think I will bee flashing the goods accidentally anytime soon.EDIT: After a few wears and a wash, I have to say that I have to remove a star. The D-rings for the pockets are just not very good, they are too lightweight for the useage. I lost one completely and have had to fix another one twice. These should be heavier gauge and preferably welded rings if they are being used to support pockets.Edit the second: Now that is is nearing the one month mark I have to say that I am really disappointed, the hardware on this kilt is just not very good. I have lost 2 d-rings and a grommet. The snaps tend to be a little weak as well. Since I am a leather worker as a hobby I have the tools and supplies to rework the issues but at this price I really should not have to. It is a shame really, as it is a nice looking kilt, a little more care in selecting hardware would have gone a long ways.